Simple guide to standard dental examination records

We're increasing the importance and quality of dental examinations.


Radiographic images

  1. Panoramic
  2. Bitewing left
  3. Bitewing right
Dental photography

Digital photographs

  1. Smile
  2. Upper jaw
  3. Lower jaw
  4. Left side
  5. Right side
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Physical examination

You need to visit a dentist for a physical examination. They should perform following examination procedures and write down all findings.

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Review the teeth, tooth by tooth. During this intraoral evaluation, we should have a panoramic X-ray visible. The radiographs verify our clinical findings during the tooth-by-tooth exam.

The gingiva

With a periodontal probe, we do a complete probing of both the buccal and lingual of each tooth in order to evaluate the depth of the pocket, any recession, and any attachment loss.


Patients who have severe worn dentition may either have occlusal problems or are possibly chronic bruxers.  Many patients may need to wear occlusal splint guards.


The endodontic assessment is reviewed by palpating and percussing the teeth to determine whether or not there is any pulpal involvement. If we get any positive reaction, we use a pulp-testing device to determine the vitality of the nerve.