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Our diagnosis is independently verified by 4 or more dentists.

Risk of unnecessary treatment
Untold truth about old-fashioned dental diagnosis

The real cost of a free diagnosis is your health.

Recent research has shown that in up to 28% cases, an unnecessary and often expensive treatment is recommended.

Why is Denther diagnosis better?

Denther ensures 100% accuracy
1. Based on evidence

Based only on photographs, X-rays, tomography, video, and notes made by dentist.

2. Done by experts

Every diagnosis and review is also a check of the expertise of participating dentists.

3. Made without biases

Dentists benefit from giving a correct diagnosis and lose otherwise.

4. Rigorously verified

Four out of 5 dentists have to give the same opinion for it to be accepted.

Verified diagnosis

See your diagnosis, comprised of the tooth area, found conditions, and the number of dentists that confirmed this diagnosis.

Contentious diagnosis

Contentious diagnosis is a case when less that 4 dentists agree on that diagnosis, and following that we advise you to take further exams.

Additional exams

These are follow-up exams you can take, in case you want to acquire even more detailed diagnosis of your condition.

Participating dentists

Here you can see which dentists formed this diagnosis, as well as their previous scores, rankings and overall experience.

Verified dental diagnosis

You can order now your verified dental diagnosis. Just upload standard examination records and we will create a diagnostic report based on it. If you don’t have standard records, here is all you need to get one.

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